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Triumph ERP

Why should you consider Triumph for your business?

Triumph has the advanced business management features you need and is easy to use. Its modular design and true multi-user, multi-function flexibility allow it to grow with your business. Hundreds of organisations in many industries use Triumph for managing everything from small business operations to complex applications such as B2B e-commerce, multi-division accounting and foreign currency transactions.

The reasons why are simple
  • Specifically developed and designed for Australian businesses, Triumph is a powerful, award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Triumph allows you to manage every aspect of your business with a fully integrated package of 27 modules that seamlessly link together.
  • As your business develops and grows, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable entry level ERP package on the market today.
  • Triumph includes your typical accounting modules, including accounts payable, general ledger and bank reconciliation. However, you are doing so much more than just minding your own business or doing the books quickly.
  • Triumph’s ERP package takes your business to the next level with the power to manage and link all of the information connections across all aspects of your organisation.
  • Knowledge is power and with Triumph you have the power at your fingertips to make informed decisions in a timely manner - a vital requirement for success in business today and in the future.
  • Triumph offers the simplicity of cloud-based accounting solutions or a traditional office-based product.

Manage and interface every aspect of your business with Triumph's award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

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