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Triumph ERP

Triumph is the versatile, cost-effective entry-level ERP software solution for Australian companies. Triumph ERP software enables you to take control and manage all business processes within your organisation. Its comprehensive, fully integrated, and flexible design provide the best foundation for you to grow your business.

Triumph customers range in size from single store operators to large publicly listed national and international organisations. From 1 to 100 users. The comprehensive nature of Triumph, with over 32 functional business modules, makes it appeal to a wide range of industries including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, mining, hospitality, food services, fabrication, construction, service, professional practices, not-for- profits and government.

How can Triumph help your business grow?

    As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Triumph ERP doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of- enterprise approach and helps to monitor, control and automate all your business processes. As your business needs change and grow, Triumph ERP offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on additional modules and users, making it the most capable and affordable entry level ERP package on the market today. Triumph ERP also provides enhanced links for working with external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. Managing your whole business has never been easier with Triumph’s full integrated 32 module ERP solution.


    Go beyond basic bookkeeping and discover a greater depth of detail and functionality with more powerful reporting and improved business automation.


    Simplify and integrate all aspects of your business with the one package – eliminates all the messy spreadsheets and add-ons.


    Take advantage of the modular design that allows the software to grow with your business, and incorporate comprehensive functionality that can be modified to suit your needs


    Between the traditional office-based software product, or the flexibility of a cloud-based business solution. Both options offer you a fully-integrated system and gives you direct access to the ‘big picture’ information that is essential to making good business decisions.


    Affordable next level, entry level (ERP) system at the right price.

    Triumph ERP offers the high performance business software that companies need while still being simple enough for your operational staff to use. It is a vital organisational tool for multi-location small businesses through to, nationally based companies.

  • Australian Owned and Developed. Head office in Perth Western Australia.

  • Modern and consistent interface, for both the web and Windows.

  • Feature-rich modular design.

  • Grow with your needs.

  • Handles multiple users and sites.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Latest Web ERP technologies.

  • Run multiple branches as autonomous businesses.


What Triumph Clients Say!

“The time savings generated are tremendous. All the data management is completely automatic and about as real-time as you can get; as a result, we can provide far more effective delivery.”

Richard Blance | CEO & Managing Director — Chokeby Road

Something Else Triumph Clients Say!

For the cost of the Triumph system we get the functionality of thousands of dollars of SAP software. For this reason, Triumph is our preferred software system of choice.

Kraige Cooper | CEO & Managing Director — WT Hydraulics

Another Happy Triumph Site!

Triumph has been able to streamline our stock, improve our inventory control and invoicing, and interface with our customers with actual, real-time information. Triumph has been a real success for David Gray & Co and David Grays Aglink.

Simon Hazelden | CEO & Commercial Manager — David Grays Aglink

Let Your Business Grow with Triumph

The success of our 60 user Triumph system in Australia which supports branches in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, has enabled us to expand into South African with operations in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape town.

Dave Devoy | CEO & Company Director — Advantage Air
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