Wage Easy Payroll

Big capabilities for the small and mid-sized businesses

WageEasy makes payroll processing simple and efficient while ensuring compliance with modern awards and legislation so that you can focus on what you do best

  • Easily pay your employees. With WageEasy’s simple and logical design you don’t need to be a payroll expert
  • Save time and benefit from accurate calculations with WageEasy’s built in award interpreter
  • Empower your workforce with employee self-service
  • Feel confident with our extensive payroll software training and support
  • Key Functionality
  • Built-in award interpretation removes the need for manual calculations and ensuring compliant award payments.
  • Efficient HR management tools to manage and maintain important employee details.
  • Flexible reporting to easily create reports for key business decisions.
  • General ledger integrates with your existing accounting software to easily share data between your systems
  • Import timesheets into WageEasy from third party time and attendance applications.
  • Streamlined superannuation processing to meet your superannuation obligations.
  • Enhancements

    We offer a variety of ways to configure your WageEasy payroll software to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Easy business analyser enhances your ability to analyse payroll and HR data across your business
  • Employee services portal to empower your employees and automate leave applications and approvals
  • Sage Express super – superannuation clearing house to minimise the time you spend on preparing and paying superannuation contributions
  • Remote and online timesheets makes it easier to track employee work hours more efficiently
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